Such a wonderful book! A must have for any mother with daughters. If you love the book “Love you Forever” you will love this book as well. This book is great for toddlers and preschoolers!


If you treasure “Love You Forever” you will delight in “Go Away, Mama”. This updated ages and stages story reminds all parents (and kids) that family life is a beautiful journey best charted with patience, love and courage. If this one doesn’t make you cry with sentiment, I am not sure what would! Lovely words and artwork.


My 4 kids all loved the book. It will be a favorite and makes me think of my own childhood too. It will be a special favorite!

Captain Awesome

I gave several as gifts. The book follows the progression of the relationship between a Mom and her daughter, and the unconditional love that is forever.


This is a wonderful book that is appropriate for all ages. It follows the relationship of a mother with her daughter from toddler years through growing up and starting a family of her own – all the while emphasizing how a mother will always be there for her daughter. Beautiful story and amazing illustrations.