Making People Cry

I realize it’s been months since I posted but anytime you decide to publish and market a book while having a third kid and trying to work full time, things are bound to get a little crazy!

Anyway, in between getting settled with kid #3 (who’s thankfully a chill baby) and just doing life, I’ve been trying my best to get my book out there using book fairs, school visits and just plain ol’ Facebook. This past weekend, we hosted a garage sale at our house and I decided to seize the opportunity to also sell some copies of my book.

A woman who said she “doesn’t normally garage sale” showed up at the sale because of the signs, which were Minnesota-themed delights, including lots of “Uff da’s”, “You Betcha’s” and “Dontcha Knows.” She saw my book for sale and picked up a copy. She gets to the page when the daughter is saying goodbye to her mom before leaving for college. The tears start rolling. She then walks over and wants me to sign a copy but can hardly tell me her daughter’s name and has to repeatedly turn away and compose herself. When she could finally speak, she told me her daughter had just finished her first year of college and that scene reminded her so much of what it was like to say goodbye. It was so touching and so real. I felt kind of bad that I made her cry. And looking back, I probably should have hugged her and told her she’s doing a great job because there was obviously something going on there and she needed the encouragement. But I didn’t want to pry or make her any more uncomfortable than she probably already was. I just smiled, thanked her for being real and for sharing it with her daughter.

Overall, the interaction made me realize what a gift it is to be an author. To share your heart in a story and to have your words resonate with someone who truly knows what those moments feel like and is walking through them now. Friends, it was powerful and it is exactly the momentum I need to keep sharing this story with others, especially moms and their kiddos.

So to the sweet woman who came to our sale and shared her heart, I hope you feel encouraged, loved and know you’re so very important. Especially to the daughter you love so much.

The college scene of mom and daughter saying goodbye. 


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