Special Delivery!

The books are here and boy does it feel amazing. Nearly a year later from when I started on this journey and now I can officially say WE did it. I say WE because it takes a village to do something like this…and my village of friends, family and Rockstar husband have been pretty amazing.

So last night was the big debut to one of my toughest critics…Evelyn. We sat down on the couch and she snuggled up to me as I cracked open the freshly bound book and started reading. It was a struggle to get through it without choking up and I had a lump in my throat the entire time. But I did it. Ok, my eyes were a little misty at the end, but still.

Once we got to the end and I read the last page, she was very quiet. Then she gave me the biggest hug that lasted quite awhile (well, long for a four-year-old at least). It was as if she knew how much time, passion and love went into it and it felt like her “thank you” to me. That was all the fanfare I needed … to know that at least for one little girl, it means something. And the fact that that little girl is my everything, makes it mean so much more.

The first reading! Somehow I managed not to cry.

All in all, I love everything about the book…the way it looks, feels, smells (yes I smelled it and I know it’s weird). Anyway, I’m so glad I did this and now I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Love this little girl


The wedding scene…









As crazy as it sounds I know the easy part of creating and publishing the book is over…now comes the hard part of selling it. My goal in writing this wasn’t to sell a million copies or to become a world-famous author (although that would be pretty sweet). At the end of the day, I’m just a mom who wanted to create something that I could leave to my kids and their kids and future moms of kids who will probably face the same challenges, guilt, heartache and joy that comes with raising a family. I hope the legacy of this book is that it made kids and parents happy and also that it reminded them of just how special and crazy and amazing the bond is between parent and child.

I hope you’ll buy a copy and will love it as much as I do.

Happy reading!

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